How Tanorici works

What makes us unique is that we tell the consumer "how" our product works and not just "what" the product will do.  Any company/organization can state what a product is meant to do (ex: prevent acne/wrinkles/inflammation) but "how" does a product prevent acne/wrinkles/inflammation is the key question. There is a huge difference when a company states "what" a product is going to do in comparison to stating "how" a product will function to accomplish what it's intended to do.  Tanorici will not only give the consumer a product but an education backed up by scientific facts .

Castor oil contains Ricinoleic acid – a Naturally occurring fatty acid that is scientifically known to target and activate prostaglandin receptorsAccording to reputable scientific journalsprostaglandins regulate inflammatory responses to heal or protect tissue from damage. About 90% of the Castor seed is ricinoleic acid - an unsaturated fatty acid making the Castor seed extremely unique in comparison to any other seed. 

Prostaglandins are naturally occurring hormones in every cell and they function to activate prostaglandin receptors to resolve any tissue damage/inflammation.  As one ages, prostaglandins tend to decreases resulting in inflammation/wrinkles.  The chemical structure of prostaglandins is extremely similar to the chemical structure of ricinoleic acid and therefore ricinoleic acid targets the same receptors that are utilized by prostaglandins.  As a result, by targeting the prostaglandin receptor, inflammation decreases. 

Any skincare product must target prostaglandin receptors in order to resolve any inflammatory conditions and therefore if the skincare product is just attempting to nourish your skin without resolving inflammation then your skin will not absorb those nutrients properly.  As a result, your skin must heal first.  In addition to resolving inflammation, we wanted to integrate a 100% organic oil that can provide essential vitamins/antioxidants to nourish/moisturize your skin during and after the healing process. As a result, we utilized 100% Organic Avocado oil which is an excellent moisturizer that naturally contains Vitamin A, E, C, & Oleic acid

Tanorici is a package that involves a skin healing mechanism in addition to a skin nourishment mechanism and therefore this organic blend can be used to "Prevent" any potential damage from occurring to your skin or "Restore" your skin from any existing damage.

We at Tanorici only use oils that are 100% organic.