About Tanorici


We were fascinated by "Ricinoleic acid" to the point that we used the first 4 letters in ricinoleic and placed them at the end of our company name,  "Tanorici" ! Pronounced Tana-ree-see

Lets start from the beginning:

Tanorici started from a few questions,"Why are there so many facial skincare products on the market?",  "Why are so many products not 100% Organic if they are going to be applied to such a delicate part of the body?" , "What do most consumers want to accomplish when purchasing a skincare product?"

Most individuals purchase skincare products with one goal in mind and that's to either resolve inflammation or avoid inflammation from occurring.  As a result, our main goal was to understand and answer the following questions:

  1. What is inflammation?
  2. What biological entities are involved in inflammation?
  3. How is inflammation resolved? 

It was evident that our main goal was to understand inflammation at an atomic level and then check to see if there are any natural Organic substances that target the entities that resolve inflammation.  At this point we generated another question which was the driving force that lead us to believe that there has to be an answer due to this question, "How did individuals resolve those inflammatory conditions before pharma companies/pharmacies/medical doctors, etc, etc.  We needed answers to those questions from a verifiable source and not just any answer from a "google" search.  First, we needed a source for education on inflammation and second, we needed to check if such Organic substance existed that will resolve inflammation and if so then "how" can that substance resolve inflammation.

Medical Databases:

We gained access to medical databases to understand the biology pertaining to inflammation and which entities of the cell are involved in this process.  As a result we learned that Prostaglandins and the receptors of prostaglandins were always mentioned in research studies that were placed in reputable medical journals.  Those medical journals are utilized by medical professionals, PhD medical professionals and PhD students.  As a result, we had a target and we focused in on Prostaglandins and their receptors.


We discovered that prostaglandins - a naturally occurring hormone in every cell that functions to activate prostaglandin receptors.  When the receptor is activated, inflammation starts to decrease.  As a result, any tissue damage/inflammation is resolved by the activation of the prostaglandin receptor.  The key point here is that prostaglandins must be present in order for receptors to become activated.  At this point we wanted to know if there were any naturally occurring substances that target prostaglandin receptors to resolve inflammation.  It was beyond exciting to discover that there was a seed called "Castor" that contained extremely high amounts of a substance called ricinoleic acid.  About 90% of the Castor seed is ricinoleic acid - an unsaturated fatty acid  making the Castor seed the highest in this fatty acid in comparison to any other seed known to this date.  At this point we focused more on ricinoleic acid and the question of "how can this fatty acid target prostaglandin receptors" was generated.  Finally, we discovered that the chemical structure of prostaglandins that target prostaglandin receptors  is similar to the chemical structure of ricinoleic acid and therefore this is "How" prostaglandin receptors are a target for ricinoleic acid.  This fact can be verified in any scientific journal !

Vitamins / antioxidants:

In addition to resolving inflammation, we wanted to integrate a 100% organic oil that can provide essential vitamins/antioxidants to nourish/moisturize your skin during and after the healing process. As a result, we utilized 100% Organic Avocado oil which is an excellent moisturizer/anti-aging/anti-wrinkle oil that naturally contains Vitamin A, E, C, & Oleic acid

100% Organic:

We at Tanorici only use oils that are 100% organic.

Concepts in Education:

When learning about anything in life, one must understand "How" something works and not just "what" it's doing or suppose to do.  There is a huge difference between the two concepts and therefore there is a huge difference when a company states "what" a product is intended to do in comparison to "how" a product will function to accomplish what it's intended to do.  When trying to test a company/organization's knowledge about their product, always ask "how" the product works/functions and not "what" the product will do.  Tanorici offers the consumer a product  and an education in order for the consumer to understand "how" the product will function to resolve the underlying skin condition .  This is our policy and this company was formed based on this policy/concept and that's to tell the consumer "How" a product will accomplish it's function and not just "what" the product is going to do.

Closing remarks:

It was extremely rewarding to educate the consumer about a product  that is 100% Organic.