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A blend of organic oils

Tanorici facial oil is an exclusive blend consisting of 100% organic oils that target prostaglandin receptors to heal your skin.  Tanorici facial oil is a perfected ratio of castor & avocado oil. This unique ratio was perfected for consistency while maintaining the right proportion for the intended results.  

The main component of our blend is ricinoleic acid which only exists in the castor seed. Ricinoleic acid is an extremely unique naturally occurring fatty acid making Tanorici facial oil an exceptional anti-inflammatory/anti-bacterial. Ricinoleic acid is scientifically known to target prostaglandin receptors to resolve inflammation.  Please refer to our "About us" & "How Tanorici works" sections for scientific facts about how this unique blend works! 

We also integrated 100% organic avocado oil into our blend and therefore this blend will nourish & protect your skin due to vitamin A,E,C & oleic acid. As a result, this exclusive blend will address irritation/inflammation, eczema/acne, puffiness/wrinkles & dark circles under the eyes. Our blend will target the underlying skin condition in order for your skin to properly absorb nutrients. Tanorici facial oil will stimulate skin growth giving you a more youthful glow.

Tanorici is a package that involves a skin healing mechanism in addition to a skin nourishing mechanism. As a result, this organic blend will "Prevent” any potential damage from occurring to your skin or “Restore” your skin from any existing damage. Tanorici is an All in One Skincare product that will absorb quickly into your skin with no greasy residue. Suitable for all skin types.


The Quality of the blend

We at Tanorici only use oils that are 100% organic, cold pressed / hexane free / unrefined

The Blending concept

This blend consists of a unique ratio of the different oils. The ratio was perfected for consistency while maintaining the right proportion for the intended results


After cleansing - gently rub 3-4 drops in your hands then smooth all over your face & neck. For best results - use morning & night.


1.69 fl. oz. / 50 ml


100% Organic castor oil, 100% organic avocado oil (A perfected ratio of both oils).